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I have tried to configure my BT Home Hub 5 as a modem by turning off it&39;s WiFi and just connecting will the new bt home hub work with talktalk the Eero to the Ethernet port. BT Home Hub 5 on TalkTalk. The reviews I&39;ve read (for example the review on techadvisor. If it&39;s still not working contact BT.

The Smart Hub 2 comes included when you buy or upgrade to BT Plus with Complete Wi-Fi. You can check if one has by clicking on the Devices tab in the Home Hub’s advanced settings. uk) say that the HomeHub 6 is locked to use on BT networks and will not work on the TalkTalk Network. I am trying to replace my BT Home Hub 5 with a new Eero Mesh. To be fair,on WiFi speeds both routers would give me around 75mb on their 5G band. Login to TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub with your device user name and password. 4GHz model, which raises concerns it may struggle deliver Wi-Fi speeds that match the fastest connections – an issue the BT Home Hub 4 and Virgin. The ease of installing the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub will vary a little depending on whether or not you&39;re an existing TalkTalk customer.

Available from the 27th of November, the Smart Hub 2 will form. Friends, feast your eyes on BT&39;s new Smart Hub (aka the Home Hub 6). I think you should call BT to make sure. I have a brand new boxed BT Home Hub which was sent to me when I renewed my own Broadband and, as the one I has was working fine, I.

use the BT Home Hub, BT Vision Player works just fine. If it’s gone, try changing to 161, 162 etc at the end). Click on the title and picture of your Hub to see links to all our help. The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub costs £120, and though it will work with other broadband providers it&39;s optimised for TalkTalk. I know someone who recently tried to hack his to work with TT without any joy I&39;m afraid.

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub review: Price and competition. If you&39;re a new customer, it&39;ll come automatically, free, when you sign up to. But I have read some routers are locked to only work with BT broadband. The Smart Hub is one of the best bundled routers you’ll find from any broadband provider. 162 (BT’s default backup DNS) Now click Connect, and with a bit of luck, you should be good to go. If you are, and you upgrade to the hub through TalkTalk, then the. The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub comes free with all new TalkTalk fibre broadband contracts, while existing customers can get it for £30. BT Homehub works on Talk Talk LLU line link to this post I used a Homehub 2 for a second opinion on a flappy line the other day, just to check the stability and the sync.

Those taking out Fast Broadband do have the option of upgrading to the Wi-Fi Hub, but the Super Router is completely sufficient for a will the new bt home hub work with talktalk non-fibre connection. UK ISP BT has begun inviting customers to a new “Hub Equipment” trial, which is due to start at the end of September and proposes to test a “a new piece of kit that works with your BT will the new bt home hub work with talktalk Home Hub” (or Smart Hub router) and “makes your broadband even more reliable. The brand new BT Smart Hub comes free when you’re new to BT and sign up for a BT Infinity Broadband contract. >> So both the bt and talktalk will work with either service depending whose router it connected to. I later phoned BT from a mobile and BT then tried to take over the line but they said that TalkTalk have disabled the line permanently so after all that I&39;d have to order a new line from BT and wait nearly a month so I told them just to cancel it and I asked about returning the BT Home Hub 3 and they said they would send a returns package for it.

When I bought the Eero I didn&39;t realize it was just a WiFi router and doesn&39;t include a modem. This table shows the main differences between them. Select See will the new bt home hub work with talktalk Internet Settings on the left. The speeds NOW Broadband offers are pretty much the same download speeds you’ll see advertised by all the main broadband providers will the new bt home hub work with talktalk (Sky, BT, TalkTalk and so on) barring Virgin Media, which runs its own network using different technology that allows it to offer far faster speeds.

Flashing purple means the hub isn&39;t connected to the internet. 178 (BT’s default DNS server address) DNS 2: 62. TalkTalk offer the new Wi-Fi Hub to customers signing up for Faster Fibre broadband, and send out the older Super Router (shown above) to new Fast Broadband (non-fibre) customers. This next-gen router has the most powerful signal of all its broadband rivals, ensuring a connection that’s faster and even more stable. So it&39;s a big thumbs up from me. The standard router with Sky broadband is the Sky Hub, though you can also upgrade to the rather more impressive Sky Q Hub for an extra fee. A red light means there is a problem somewhere.

Most of the faster wi-fi extenders also support dual-band 11ac networks provided by the BT Smart Hub. Just back home this evening and out of interest did a Signal strength scan, the ZyXel router is showing a stronger signal that the BT Hub did, and they are both in identical positions. Before I was a BT Infinity customer with a BT Home Hub 3 and as soon as the BT Home Hub 5 was made available I bought it and yes it was better than the BT will the new bt home hub work with talktalk Home Hub 3 (returned to BT as per request received from BT), however with my disappointment I noticed that the surely not cheap BT Home Hub 5 is not working with the TalkTalk fibre service and I suspect it is locked to BT service. ) socket in there. BT&39;s next generation Smart Hub 2 outclasses TalkTalk&39;s new Wi-Fi Hub, primarily because the Smart Hub 2 has been built with ultrafast in mind.

The new Smart Hub (or Home Hub. I got a BT Wireless Home Hub "1010" router from a friend and would love to use it but I am with TalkTalk. BT has unveiled its latest wireless router, the BT Smart Hub 2 with the promise of a “strong Wi-Fi signal” throughout your home. BT Smart Hub and Home Hub router will the new bt home hub work with talktalk Anyone choosing a BT Fibre 1 or Fibre 2 broadband package will receive the latest BT Smart Hub 2, while ADSL and Fibre Essential broadband customers receive the slightly older Smart Hub. TalkTalk TalkTalk For Everyone. Favourite answer. BT Smart Hub beats rivals but TalkTalk Super Router surprises Janu Aug by Kevin Peter The detailed comparison of the latest wireless routers from major UK internet service providers in terms of WiFi speeds in home environment is now available.

Find help for all the recent models of the BT Hub - including the BT Smart Hub, 4G Mini Hub and the BT Home Hub 5, Hub 4 and Hub 3. BT Home Hub 4 and 5. If the wi-fi doesn&39;t work on your device it could be a problem with your laptop or phone. The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub is now available for use on the TalkTalk Network if you&39;re looking for the top-end specification wi-fi coverage for the home. BT Home Hub 5 on TalkTalk. It is powerful, future-ready and is given to all customers regardless of whether they subscribe to standard or fibre broadband, unlike BT, which gives its inferior router to its standard broadband customers.

Providers don&39;t always recommend using something they haven&39;t supplied, and it can get a bit complicated. Luckily, using your own router is an option. TalkTalk’s Plus router is a single band 802. Over the years, we&39;ve developed better and better Hubs (routers) for our customers as new technology has become available.

SWMBO&39;s Talk Talk Router would appear to have had the dick. The regular Sky Hub will do just fine if you choose Broadband Unlimited, but if you pick a fibre package - or if you often use AirPlay, Google Cast, a Steam Link, or anything else that uses Wi-Fi - you&39;re better off upgrading to the Q version. You’ll find these on the sticker after you removing the wifi information card. Apparently you need to open it up and solder a (serial? I purchased the Business Hub 6 as our WiFi had become a bit flakey and switching to the Business Hub 6 made a real difference. With the new router all problems solved. I used to have Talktalk and BT. Not only is this the UK&39;s sexiest ISP-provided router, but also the ISP-provided router with the most antennas.

Broadband speeds. Sometimes the one you get sent is a bit naff, or you may want some better tech or something that suits your home better. It’s our smartest hub yet and is future-proofed to deliver fast speeds throughout the home.

When Sky, TalkTalk, and Virgin Media get around to updating their routers with newer Wi-Fi guts, they will probably offer very similar performance to BT&39;s Smart Hub. TalkTalk use a BT line so most things are the same. See more videos for Will The New Bt Home Hub Work With Talktalk.

TV, Broadband & Calls. Both batteries are back to normal discharge as they were with my previous BT home hub. BT Homehub is locked on BT Network. That said, TalkTalk&39;s routers are reasonable for a budget internet provider, but this is the point where the extra costs of BT broadband begin to pay off with higher quality hardware.

Re: Using Home Hub 4 with TalkTalk after contract if you have bought the hub from Bt and it is a HH4r then that is unlocked and will will the new bt home hub work with talktalk work with any ISP otherwise the hubs are locked to BT If you like a post, or want to say thanks for a helpful answer, please click on the Ratings &39;Thumbs up&39; on left hand side. TV, Broadband & Calls; Fibre Broadband. Check your cables.

The homehub will not work with Talk talk. This means they’re better for homes with several users online at the same time. It will not work. TalkTalk wins on this one with the introduction of its new WiFi Hub router. Given that this router is now around the equivalent of the BT Smart Hub, it’s a decent enough ISP router.

but doing so can definitely be worth it if you know what you&39;re doing. Our original Smart Hub comes as standard with our Superfast fibre broadband. New Faster Fibre broadband customers will get the TalkTalk Wi-F Hub for free. Try restarting, and if it doesn&39;t turn blue, call BT.

Will the new bt home hub work with talktalk

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