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A language for learning other languages. Those who claim that language-learning is important and beneficial never agree on which tongue should be studied. I just want to share with you my reason for learning languages. Being bilingual has hundreds of benefits; however the most important reason to learn a new language is that you desire to learn it. You’ll get to overcome some of your fears and doubts, learn more about yourself, meet new people, and perhaps travel to places you would’ve never dared to visit before. Language skills boost your ability to do well in problem-solving tasks across the board, a fact recognized through compulsory foreign language learning curriculum in schools. 10 good reasons why you should be learning a foreign language: Learning foreign languages has many rewards!

However, we think that&39;s just a problem of how you learn English. will be the largest Spanish speaking country, according to the Association of Spanish Language Academies. For all of the reasons mentioned above and a whole lot that hasn’t been saying, learning any foreign language can be one of the most enjoyable, rewarding, satisfying, exciting things you why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest will ever do. English is one of the most dominating language of the world which is having its impact on every field of work. Whatever the reason to migrate, it is life-changing. Spanish is kind of, sort of everything. By, the U. To make your resume more attractive for employers, as more than 50% of companies take language skills into account when hiring.

Take a look at a survey conducted by Babbel to understand the real reasons why people learn languages. Here&39;s my two cents: As some have pointed out, learning Assembly will help you understand Computer Architecture. There are many strategies, but I would argue the best is learning a foreign language. Of course, you have the potential to lose your money in investments, but if you invest wisely, the potential to gain money is higher than if you never invest. why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest But why do people learn new languages in the first place? There&39;s no single universal foolproof method to learn a language.

Learning another language can improve your first language. Not only will. Grow your money. Monolingual countries that do not encourage language learning at a young age – the UK, for example – can miss international opportunities and lose out on potential earnings, despite the native-English advantage. Benefits Give Them a Head Start. I look forward to hearing from you about why you learn languages and, why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest also, any comments as to what your preferred frequency is for these videos. There are reasons to learn language for language’s sake. F or example, languages contrast greatly in their number of consonants, from the six in the Papuan language Rotokas to the 122 in the southern African language ǃXóõ.

We should rephrase this: learning English can be fun. Try different ones and use the one that works for you, or a combination. There could be many, many reasons why people learn languages. Here are the top 10 reasons to invest your money: 1. In this article, we talk about 5 reasons to learn a foreign language and the benefits that come from doing so. Increased export sales as you and your customers communicate more effectively.

5 Reasons Every Company Should Invest in the Language Skills of its Employees Posted by meaghan on in Language Learning, Trends CNN Money recently championed fluency in a foreign language as the hottest job skill for job-seekers, and for good reason. Whether you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, precious metals, real estate, small business, or a combination of why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest all of the above, the objective is to generate cash. And since foreign languages are most easily acquired as a child, giving your child the chance to learn a foreign language is like giving her a gift for life. Twenty-five Reasons to Study Foreign Languages. Related: 4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should Learn Another Language. Victoria is the only state committed to compulsory language education, with a goal of having compulsory languages learning for all students in government schools, prep to Year 10, by. Benefits for the brain Perhaps some of the most interesting research into the benefits of learning a foreign language as a child shows that second language acquisition actually rewires. In central Europe, German must still be considered.

Billion-dollar examples like Zappos and Facebook invest heavily into their own employees. If you look at the booming gym industry and the busy university systems, it’s clear. Not only have studies shown that this can help improve your scores on standardized tests, it also leads why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest to stronger listening, reading and writing skills in your native language. An obvious reason to learn a new language is to be able to communicate with the people who speak it. Some answer your question, others don&39;t. The language of love and reason. Increases networking skills. Which reason(s) did you have?

Foreign Language study creates more positive attitudes and less prejudice toward people who are different. In addition, once a second language is learnt, it is easier to learn a third because of improved attention to detail. That means that if if you have children in the next decade or so, they will likely speak the language or at least have friends who speak Spanish. Once you have decided to have a go within the multilingual world, you’ll love to know these 10 benefits of bilingualism. If you are determined to acquire and keep loyal customers, your team should invest in learning the local language.

4 Reasons You Should Never Stop Learning. Investing your money can allow you to grow it. Stronger cross-border communication and collaboration between teams and offices. Learning Languages For Fun or as a Hobby.

Here we outline some critical reasons why you need to invest in employee training: Support succession planning. People like to invest time and money in themselves. So what why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest are the main reasons to invest in foreign language training? Find out what significant advantages you will gain by learning another language! In this sense, motivation seems to be the key to the whole process.

For many students, it isn&39;t much fun. The many cognitive benefits of learning languages are undeniable. Little and often is best. Undoubtedly, English play a much greater role in the world that it is inevitable for people to ignore it fully. or go for good; Between 19, about 160 million migrants changed countries. Realizing the power of teaching, they promote from within and. While it’s true that young why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest children learn a language the easiest, with a little effort, an older adult can become fluent as well. A whole new language means access to a whole new culture “Language is the road map of a culture.

In other words, language skills make you smarter all round. These benefits apply at any time in life, and of course it’s never too late to start learning a new language. Choosing to learn a new language as a hobby can be a daunting task and hard, but it can also be fun. A lot of mixed answers here so far. Some of the top answers surprised even us. One UK study suggests that Britain’s lack of foreign language skills costs its economy up to £48 billion ( billion) per year. Learning a language for self-improvement.

Take time to have fun learning English by listening to music, watching why learn languages 10 good reasons to invest a movie, challenging yourself to games in English. Having a good command of the host language is a pre-requisite to social and economic integration. Children who learn another language before age five use the same part of the brain to acquire that second language that they use to learn their mother. If language is important in a general context, is it also necessary to learn a language apart from the one we are brought up speaking? Providing ongoing employee training and development supports succession planning by increasing the availability of experienced and capable employees to assume senior roles as they become available. Business and Career From attracting international clients to your company to positioning yourself for a business trip or relocation abroad, here are ways learning a language can help your career. Chinese is fashionable, and primordial if you want to visit China.

Business skills plus foreign language skills make an employee more valuable in the marketplace. Here you can read: Learning Multiple Languages at Once. In a modern world borders are being erased and the need for learning a second language is less a convenience and more a necessity. Analytical skills improve when students study a foreign language. Improved overall performance, including employee productivity, communication, and customer service. Children may ask why they have to learn this language, but parents and teachers know better!

While Johann Wolfgang von Goethe may have been exaggerating when he said, “he who knows no foreign language, knows nothing of his own,” it cannot be denied that by studying Spanish you will without doubt gain a better understanding of English. The many cognitive benefits of learning languages are undeniable. Spanish almost always ranks high on these types of lists, and for very good reasons. Do you happen to be one of them? Some declare that English is a good language to learn while others prefer Spanish or French. There are enough commonalities among sound systems, however, that if linguists know your language has 20 consonants, we can make a fairly good guess as to what many are likely.

Conversely, NOT learning another language can actually adversely affect your academic performance, make you less employable, and deny you of many personal opportunities. French is a good base for learning other languages, especially Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian) as well as English, since a significant percentage of English vocabulary is derived from French. This includes both the people you meet when traveling as well as people in your community. Here are the Top 10 Reasons people learn new languages.

People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills. How to learn a language. There are so many opportunities to learn English while having fun.

Learning a foreign language is an incredibly rewarding experience and a serious confidence booster. Here are some of the reasons why learning a language puts your child at a significant advantage, and how you can help—whether or not you know another language. Your trip to another country will be greatly enhanced in both ease of communication and friendliness if you speak the language. In fact, research has shown that older adults are equipped to learn foreign languages, and doing so can help slow the aging process.

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